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Cheryl D. Edwards was born in Miami Beach, Florida. She began her studies in art during 1988 in New York City in a class at the Art Student League taught by the late, Ernest Crichlow. She has been living in Washington, DC for the past 18 years. Cheryl has exhibited in many shows in the Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Miami, Texas and Hong Kong. Her interest in art stems from her fascination of the human body as a whole. Her medium is oil, ink and acrylics. Please contact her for viewings and/or visit her website: Currently represented by Wohlfarth Galleries( D.C.) and Susanne Junggeburth Galleries (Germany). ( Cheryl is a 2015 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Awardee. Cheryl is an awardee in the Art Cart: Saving The Legacy project selected by the Research Center for Arts and Culture. The Art Cart Project resulted in the archival of her artwork in the Academic Commons Columbia University archives. Cheryl’s work is in the permanent collection of the District of Columbia Commission on Arts and Humanities, and also in the David C. Driskell Art Center (University of Maryland).


The Blue Moon Hotel, Fridge Art Fair, Miami, Florida (2017)

David C. Driskell Art Center (University of Maryland), Ten Years in Focus, Permanent Collection Exhibit, College Park, MD (2017)

Artist and Makers, Trans-fer-ence Exhibit, Printmaking Exhibit, Rockville, Md (2017)

Schlesinger Performance and Art Center, Former Gallery, Solo, Alexandria, VA (2017)

Susanne Junggenburth Galleries, Spectrum Art Fair, Miami Florida (2016)

Allentown Museum, Group Exhibit “Hues of Red and Blue”, Allentown PA (2016)

Re-Find Gallery, Allentown, PA (2016)

African Diaspora III, group exhibit curated by ATB LLC, West Palm Beach, FLA (2016)

“Cheap Thrills” curated by Molly Ruppert, Anacostia Arts Center, DC (2016)

International Art Fair Rotterdam, Susanne Juggenburth Galleries, Rotterdam (2016)

African American Museum of Dallas, Dallas, Texas, (2016).

Katzen Arts Museum (American University), Art Cart: Honoring the Legacy, D.C. (2016)

New Creative Door Gallery, EPI Women, Baltimore, Maryland (2016)

Arte, Galerie Susanne Juggenburth, Sindelfingen, Germany (2016)

Spectrum Art Fair (Art Basel), Galerie Susanne Juggenburth, Miami, Florida (2015)

Raciality, Group Exhibit, Gallery 128, NY, NY (2015)

Memory Flood, Anacostia Arts Center, Group Exhibit (Curated by Molly Rupert), D.C. (2015)

Re-Find Gallery, Group EPI Residency Exhibit, Easton, PA (2015)

“At War With Ourselves”, Group Exhibit, Brentwood Arts Center, Brentwood, MD (2015)

KROMA Gallery, Group Exhibit (Curated by Mr. Babacar), Miami, Florida (2015)

KROMA Gallery, Solo Exhibit, Miami, Florida (2015)

DC Black Artist, Pepco Gallery, Group Exhibit (Featuring Faith Ringgold), D.C. (2014)

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Fellowship Grantee Exhibit, I Street Gallery, D. C. (2014)

Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, Spectrum Art Fair Art Basel, Miami, Florida (2014)

Westchester County Links, Jazz Java Exhibit, White Plains,New York (2014)

Haitian Cultural Art Center Gallery, Curator Carl Juste, Miami, Florida (2014)

Artisan Direct LLC, Spectrum Art Fair Art Basel, Miami, Florida (2013)

Gallery For Good, Community Foundation, Washington, D.C. (2013)

128 Gallery, Fridge Art Fair, New York, New York (2013)

Art Expo New York, Represented by Artisan Direct, New York, New York (2013)

Shenandoah Art Council, two artist exhibit, Winchester, Virginia (2013)

Red Dot Art Fair, Solo Project, Miami, Florida (2012)

International Visions Gallery, Bombay Sapphire Regional Finalist Group Exhibit, D.C., (2012)

Howard University Blackburn Center Gallery, Group Exhibit, D.C., 2012

African American Museum of Nassau County, Solo Exhibit ("Occupy America"), Hempstead, N.Y. (2012)

Washington County Museum of Fine Art, Group Exhibit, Hagarstown, MD (2012)

Southwest Fine Arts Show, Dallas African American Museum, (2012)

Harlem Fine Art Show, Riverside Church, New York, New York (2012)

Purvis Young Studio Museum, Group Exhibit during Art Basel, Miami, Florida (2011)

International Visions Gallery, "The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Regional Finale" will showcase 33 contestants, winner will compete at Art Basel (2011)

Brentwood Center for the Arts, Group Exhibit "The Sky's the Limit", juried by Michael Platt, Brentwood, MD (2011)

Avisca Fine Arts Gallery, Group Exhibit "Shout", Marietta, GA (2011)

David Driskell Art Center (University of Maryland), group exhibit, College Park, MD (2011)

Washington County Museum of Fine Art, group exhibit, Hagerstown, MD (2011)

Shenandoah Art Council, Our Recent Roots Exhibit, (2011)

Washington County Museum of Fine Art, group exhibit, Hagerstown, MD (2010)

Gallery That, group exhibit, Hong Kong, China, (2010)

Brentwood Center for the Arts, group exhibit, Washington, D.C.

Target Gallery, group exhibit, Alexandria, VA (2010)

Wohlfarth Gallery-solo exhibit, Washington, DC, (2009)

Sitar Center for The Arts, solo exhibit, Washington, DC, (2009)

Wohlfarth Galleries, group exhibit, Province Town, Massachusetts, (2009)

Copyright Alliance group exhibit in the Cannon Building, Washington, DC (2009)

United States Congressional Art Judge for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (Washington, DC) (2009)

Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy, invited to participate in December, (

Solo Exhibit, Wohlfarth Gallery, Washington, DC (2008)

MOCA DC Gallery, Group Exhibit, Georgetown, DC (2008)

Girls Gotta Run Exhibition
, Strathmore Center for the Arts Mansion, Rockville, Maryland (2008)

Black Fine Arts Exhibit, The Puck Building, New York, New York (2008)

Solo Exhibit Washington Works on Paper, Brookland, Dc

James Porter Colloquium Art Auction, Washington, DC (2007)

A. Salon Group Spring Show – Willow Street Gallery, Takoma Park, MD

Solo Exhibit Sackville Gallery, King Street, Alexandria, VA

Solo Exhibit – Saint Albans Society – Washington, DC (2005)

Art Series – 2007-“The Return”

The return is about the enslavement of Senegalese people and how they preserved to survive that period of darkness in their history. The work of Cheryl Edwards begins from the beginning of the most abhorred period in Senegal with the “Door of No Return”; which is geographically located in Goree Island, Senegal. The action of perseverance is depicted in semi abstract spiritual pieces of work embodied with strong symbolism, which appeals to everyone on a universal plane. The series ends with every day scenes of what Senegal looks like in today’s society.

Art Series – 2008-“Ndebele People – Dolls Ritual/Play”

This series sets forth the concept of the use of dolls by the Ndebele People of South Africa. Traditionally all over the world dolls are inevitably used for play and also used for performing rituals. The series consist of 19 artworks using a technique, which combines ink and water-soluble oils. The works depict a combination of the Ndebele people in South Africa in common everyday scenes, and the work demonstrates through creative visual the effect of the use of dolls for the purpose of performing rituals. Dolls have been historically used by the Ndebele People to enhance the possibility of marriage and childbirth. A more widespread usage is to employ a doll to assist in a healing ritual. Many of the dolls made by the Ndebele woman are representative of the traditional healers (Sangoma); they are notably recognized by their dress and always accompanied by a red blanket or cloth worn over their shoulders. This is symbolic of protection of one’s powers. This series opened for exhibit at the Wohlfarth Galleries in Washington, DC on October 17, 2008.

Art Series-2009-“New York City Water Towers”

This series depicts the simplicity and beauty of the water towers seen on the roof tops in New York City. The paintings are semi-abstract and captures the shapes and lines of the city incorporated with the balancing shapes of the water towers. The series consist of 20 paintings using the medium of ink and water soluble oils. This exhibit opened in December 2009 at the Sitar Center for the Arts, Cafritz Gallery located in Adams Morgan community in the District of Columbia.

Art Series-2010-“Modern Day Madonna”
Modern Day Madonna is an interpretation of the modern mother and son image. The eyes of each painting depict the love and the emotions of the maternal family. The series originally consist of eight painting using the medium of ink, water soluble oils and epoxy resin. One of the Madonna’s was juried into an exhibit and shown at the Washington County Museum of Fine Art.

Art Series-2011- "Occupy America"

Occupy America is a series which consist of 30 completed works. It is composed of mixed media to include lino and wood cut prints, photo transfer, collage and acylics. There are reoccuring images within many of the works. It is intended to let the viewer feel through the visual the state of American people during these times.

Art Series-2012-"HAPA Popolus"

12 works on board. Ink and gesso are the primary mediums of the portraits documenting the ancestry of Afro- Asian families.

Art Series-2012-2013- "Play"
28 completed abstract works in mixed media on bard and paper. This is a ongoing series of work coloring the relationship of form, color and shapes. It is a derivative of older series of work about the Ndebele Dolls.

District of Columbia 2015 Fellowship Award


Water Angel #5 by Cheryl Edwards


Water Angel #1 by Cheryl Edwards


Water Angel #3 by Cheryl Edwards


Water Angel #4 by Cheryl Edwards


Black Male #2 by Cheryl Edwards


Black Female #2 by Cheryl Edwards


White Male #2 by Cheryl Edwards


White Female #2 by Cheryl Edwards


Black Male #3 by Cheryl Edwards


Black Female #3 by Cheryl Edwards


White Male #3 by Cheryl Edwards


White Female #3 by Cheryl Edwards


Black Female by Cheryl Edwards


White Female by Cheryl Edwards


Black Male by Cheryl Edwards


White Male by Cheryl Edwards


Water Meomories Study by Cheryl Edwards


Iconic Sea by Cheryl Edwards


Standing Rock by Cheryl Edwards


Sacred water by Cheryl Edwards


Prismatic Spring by Cheryl Edwards


Water Memories by Cheryl Edwards


The Mystery of Water by Cheryl Edwards


Revelations by Cheryl Edwards


The Spotted Lake by Cheryl Edwards


The Senegalese Salt River by Cheryl Edwards


The Red Sea by Cheryl Edwards


River Spirits by Cheryl Edwards


Creek Spirit by Cheryl Edwards


Botanical Spirits by Cheryl Edwards


Forrest Spirits by Cheryl Edwards


Lake Spirits by Cheryl Edwards


The Siren Study 1 by Cheryl Edwards


The Siren Study 3 by Cheryl Edwards


The Siren Study 4 by Cheryl Edwards


The Siren Study 4 by Cheryl Edwards


The Siren by Cheryl Edwards


Play XXVII by Cheryl Edwards


Play XXVI by Cheryl Edwards


Play XXV by Cheryl Edwards


Play XXVII by Cheryl Edwards


'Play XXIV by Cheryl Edwards


Play A by Cheryl Edwards


Play XV by Cheryl Edwards


Play XIV by Cheryl Edwards


Play VI by Cheryl Edwards


Play IV by Cheryl Edwards


Play VIII by Cheryl Edwards